Child Health Nursing


child health nursing

The faculty of department of Child health nursing is promised to act together to uplift the students development to achieve the well being of the child and family on par with changing trends in child centered care.

The department of Child health nursing, committed to mould the students to promote the health and well being of the children and their families comprehensively to cater, the needs of the young society.

The faculty of the department of Child health nursing believes that the students are attentive to the needs of the children and respond with caring attitude to provide quality care by collaborative approach.

The faculty of department of child health nursing believes that faculty as leaders and innovative agent of the changes in promoting the students to acquire knowledge, attitude and skills and to achieve the well of the children and their families

  • Appreciate the modern concepts of milestones of child health services.
  • Integrate the concepts of family centered, holistic paediatric nursing care in relation to the genetic disorder, congenital malformations and long term illness.
  • Recognize the legal ethical issues pertaining to Child health nursing.
  • Incorporate evidences based nursing practices in the child health care practices.

To provide in service education to the nursing professional to update their knowledge and skill

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