NAME:Dr. R. Bhaskaran, M.D

Contact Number :9444940788

Experience :30 years

Publications :National – 2

Area Of Interest

  • Cosmetology


  • Post graduate teaching

  • Medical education and research

NameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
Dr.R.BhaskaranProfessor & HODM.D.02.07.2012
Dr.K.DhanalakshmiAsso. ProfessorM.D.14.07.2010
Dr.S.JyothilakshmiAssistant ProfessorM.D.01.06.2017
Dr.P.PreethamAssistant ProfessorM.D.16.09.2020
Dr.A.SudarvizhiSenior  ResidentM.B.B.S, DVL.,23.05.2016
Dr.Mariette Teenu PiousJunior ResidentM.B.B.S31.05.2018
Dr.A.Thamim AnsariJunior ResidentM.B.B.S08.04.2019
Dr.Priya SelvakumarJunior ResidentM.B.B.S31.08.2020


About Department:

department of dermatology was established since the inception of hospital and committed to provides outpatient and inpatient services to patients of dermatological disorders, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and leprosy. 

Although it is an allied medical department, it provides major contribution in teaching undergraduate students important aspects of dermatological disorders.

The department exercises various dermatological procedures such as skin biopsy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, cryotherapy, LASER, iontophoresis to train postgraduates with recent techniques.  IPL (Intense pulse therapy) for skin rejuvenation, hirsutism and striae and platelet rich plasma therapy is provided for patients of chronic nonhealing ulcer and for hair growth. Department is also equipped with PUVA therapy for vitiligo, psoriasis and other dermatological disorders.   

The department promotes research activities among the undergraduates. Presently 4 undergraduates have undertaken research projects in dermatology and are in the phase of completion. 

Postgraduate course in MD (DVL) was started in the year 2016 and recognized in 2019

Total number of Publications:  5                             National:   2                              International:  3


  1. Psoriasis and metabolic syndrome- hospital based cross sectional study of prevalence and correlation in a rural south Indian population
  2. Nails a window to internal organs; a cross sectional study of nail changes in systemic disease in a tertiary care hospital.
  3. Abdominal pseudo hernia; a rare sequalae of complicated herpes zoster
  4. Clinical evaluation and role of patch testing in identifying the exogeneous causes in patients with hand eczema.
  5. A hospital based observational study of cutaneous manifestation of diabetes mellitus attending a tertiary care hospital
  1. Inpatient and outpatient services in dermatology departments: attract 50-60 OP patients per day
  2. Cosmetology Clinic: is equipped with LASER, IPL (Intense pulse therapy), Microdermabrasion (MDA) and Chemical peels.
  3. PUVA and narrow band UVB therapy: is available for vitiligo and psoriasis
  4. Day care facility for: Vitiligo surgery, acne surgery, Skin biopsy and Split skin grafting

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CME on Update on Common Skin Diseases




Update of recent advances on HIV/AIDS





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Dr. Baskaran

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