Department of Anatomy​

NAME: Dr. T.L.Anbumani,MS(Anat)
Contact Number :
Experience :21 Years
Publications :International – 6——–National – 4
Area Of Interest
  • Research Work, Gross Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Human Genetics, Surface Anatomy, Osteology, Radiology.
Expertise: In all aspects especially teaching
  • Best teacher award,
  • Best Doctor Award (IMA)
  • Best Teacher Award (Ch.M.C. Alumni, Chengleput)
  • Unblemished Service Award

Considered to be parent department in the field of medicine and medicine allied courses. It forms the foundation for understanding of further clinical subjects in the next professional years. Keeping this in mind thedepartment works with full dedication and hardship towards training the students with complete basic knowledge in Anatomy with clinical correlation and application. The department has big dissection hall with 200 seating capacity. Students are well exposed to cadaveric study facilitated by trained faculties. It has a microanatomy lab which could accommodate 100 students where the students are trained for skill to identify the microanatomy of tissues. Department also has well established slides preparation lab, common library for staff and student benefit and a PG research laboratory. It has a world class museum with more than 800 specimen including soft tissue, cross-section specimen, foetal museum, models display and neuroanatomy museum too separately. Teaching occurs in the department at both UG & PG level. PG students are exclusively trained in various areas like research, teaching, medical education technologies and hands-on programs to mould them a perfect trainer and medical teacher at the end of the course. 

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