Mentor mentee Program

KARPAGA VINAYAGA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES AND RESEARCH CENTRE has developed mentor-mentee program for the overall development of the students during their academic curriculum. The mentors are assigned by the Principal to all the students. Students meet mentors at regular interval (once in 15 days) discuss their academic performance as well as any other problems they are facing during academic education.

Faculties of first year are assigned as mentors to first MBBS while second, third and final year MBBS teachers are assigned as mentors for second, third and final years respectively.


S.No Name Designation
Department of Anatomy
1 Dr. T.L.Anbumani Professor
2 Dr. Girija Sivakumar Professor
3 Dr. K. Durai Pandian Associate Professor
4 Mr. G. Sivakumaran Assistant Professor
5 Dr. A.ThamaraiSelvi Assistant Professor
6 Dr Anthony Ammal Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Pavazhakkurinji T N Tutor
8 Dr. V. Precila Infant Vincy Tutor
Department of Physiology
9 Dr. S. Vadivel Professor
10 Dr. D. Navin Rajaratnam Professor
11 Dr. B. Jaya Associate Professor
12 Dr. M. Vijayamalathi Associate Professor
13 Dr.S. Sumitra @ Sudharkodhy Assistant Professor
14 Ms. K. Uma Maheswari Assistant Professor
15 Ms. A. Lalithamma Assistant Professor
16 Dr. Jothilakshmi M V Tutor
17 Dr. M. Balakavitha Tutor
18 Dr. Deepika K Tutor
Department of Biochemistry
19 Dr. Santhosh Professor
20 Dr. L. Siva Associate Professor
21 Dr. A. Khadeja Bi Assistant Professor
22 Dr. Amar Nagesh Assistant Professor
23 Mrs. S. Suganya Tutor
24 Dr. Gurulakshmi G Tutor
25 Dr. M. Gomathi Tutor
Department of Pharmacology
26 Dr. Vijayalakshmi Professor
27 Dr. P. Jacob Varghese  Professor
28 Dr. B. Prathap Associate Professor
29 Dr. E. Seshathri Assistant Professor
30 Dr.Vishwasrao Sunil Mhatarba Assistant Professor
31 Dr. Srinath Tutor
32 Dr. Sivagami Tutor
33 Dr. S. Sarguna Tutor
34 Dr. R. Deepthi Krishna Tutor
35 Dr.S.Priyadharshini Tutor
36 Dr Chandran Veterinary Surgeon
Department of Microbiology
37 Dr. T. Sheila Doris Devamani Professor
38 Dr. D. Joseph Pushpa Innocent Professor
39 Dr. K. Balan Associate Professor
40 Dr. J. AbiramiLakshmy Assistant Professor
41 Dr. Viswasam Tutor
42 Dr. Umeshkumar C Tutor
43 Dr. A. S. Priya Nandhini Tutor
44 Dr. R. Thilagam Tutor
45 Dr.V.Monica Pinky Tutor
46 Dr. A.M. Vandhitha Tutor
Department of Pathology
47 Dr. SithyAthiyaMunavarah Professor
48 Dr. Harke Arun Bhaundas Professor
49 Dr. Anand Ashok Boshale Professor
50 Dr. Jeyabalan Professor
51 Dr. Chitra Professor
52  Dr. E. Saravanan Associate Professor
    53 Dr. S. Karthik  Associate Professor
54 Dr. B. Shobana Assistant Professor
55 Dr. S. Srismitha Assistant Professor
56 Dr. S. Manjani Assistant Professor
57 Dr. R. Madhumittha Assistant Professor
58 Dr. Evelyene Elizabeth Ebinezer Tutor
59 Dr. K. Poornima Tutor
60 Dr. ShobanaMegala Tutor
61 Dr.Nivethitha S Tutor
62 Dr.P.Vidhya Tutor
Department of Community Medicine
63 Dr. Roseline Fatima William Professor
64 Dr. D. Thirunaaukarasu Professor
65 Dr. Geetha M Associate Professor
66 Dr. P.A. Archana Lakshmi Associate Professor
67 Dr. Prasan Norman Assistant Professor
68 Dr. E. Karthikeyan Assistant Professor
69 Dr Vidya D C Assistant Professor
70 Mrs. H. Gladius Jennifer Asst. Prof-Bio-statistics
71 Dr. Ramya M R Epidemiologist
72 Dr. S. Manimegalai Lady medical officer
73 Dr. Shruthi Lady medical officer
74 Dr. Kanagabala B Tutor
75 Dr. R. Monisha Chandran Tutor
76 Dr. Princyfelicia Tutor
77 Dr.Dharani Priya R Tutor
Department of Forensic Medicine
78 Dr. V. Sathyamurthy Professor
79 Dr. R. Shreen Assistant Professor
80 Dr. Muthu Pandian Tutor
81 Dr. M. Praveen Tutor
Department of Anesthesiology
82 Dr. SubramaniaBharathiar Professor
83 Dr. Santha Parthiban Professor
84 Dr. Sufala Sunil Vishwasrao Professor
85 Dr. P. Manohar Associate Professor
86 Dr. Mu. Raajaram Associate Professor
87 Dr. M. Murali Manoj Associate Professor
88 Dr. G. Uma Assistant Professor
89 Dr. Rajesh Assistant professor
90 Dr Sudarshan Balaji Assistant professor
91 Dr. Anju Daniel Prasath Assistant professor
92 Dr. S. Sathiyanarayanan Senior  Resident
93 Dr. S. Deepa Senior Resident
94 N. Aswin Rajagopal Senior Resident
Department of General Medicine
95 Dr. P.V.Bhaskar Reddy Professor
96 Dr. R. Kulothungan Professor
97 Dr. E. Arumugam Professor
98 Dr. S. Sujatha Professor
99 Dr. S. Appandraj Professor
100 Dr. V . Gopal Dass Associate Professor
101 Dr. V. Sakthivadivel Associate Professor
102 Dr. S. Sangeetha Meena Associate Professor
103 Dr. N. Manohar Associate Professor
104 Dr. B. Rama Chandra Reddy Assistant  Professor
105 Dr. MaramSudarsana Reddy Assistant  Professor
106 Dr. Avinash J Assistant  Professor
107 Dr. Durairaj Assistant  Professor
108 Dr. Shankar Naik Senior  Resident
109 Dr. Rajesh Senior Resident
110 Dr. J. Geetha Senior Resident
111 Dr. Dr. N. Raqib Abbas Senior Resident
112 Dr PaladuguBhaavan Senior Resident
Department of General Surgery
113 Dr. Ramula Professor
114 Dr. M. Bhaskar Professor
115 Dr. D. Balaji Professor
116 Dr. S. Sujith Kumar Professor
117 Dr. N. Arivazhagan Associate Professor
118 Dr S Govindharaaju Associate Professor
119 Dr. K. DhineshBabu Associate Professor
120 Dr. Mohanraj. M Assistant Professor
121 Dr. T. S. Ranjitham Assistant Professor
122 Dr. K. Kishore Kumar Assistant Professor
123 Dr.R. Ramprasath Assistant Professor
124 Dr.  V. V. Rohit Bhaskarla Senior Resident
125 Dr. Bala Vignesh Senior Resident
126 Dr. S. Karthikeyan Senior Resident
127 Dr. N. Raghu Ram Senior Resident
128 Dr Kamalakannan Senior Resident
Department of Pediatrics
129 Dr A Ramnath Professor
130 Dr. M. Kannaki Professor
131 Dr.C.S.Arulparithi Associate Professor
132 Dr. V. SivagamaSundari Associate Professor
133 Dr.Sowjan Associate Professor
134 Dr. Bharanai Kumar Senior Resident
135 Dr.Parvathi Devi Senior Resident
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
136 Dr. MinnalKodi Professor
137 Dr. Geetha Prasad Professor
138 Dr. C. Santhanalakshmi  Professor
139 Dr. V. Aruna Devi  Associate Professor
140 Dr. Prabhavathi. C Assistant Professor
141 Dr. K. ParvathaVarthini Assistant Professor
142 Dr. Ramya Senior Resident
143 Dr. Vidhya Senior Resident
144 Dr. B. Deepika Senior Resident
145 Dr J Usha Senior Resident
Department of Orthopedics
146 Dr. R. Selvaraj Professor
147 Dr. K. Nagappan Professor
148 Dr. R. Annamalai Professor
149 Dr. Chandrasekar Professor
150 Dr. T. Sankarlal Asso. Prof
151 Dr. R. Arun Kumar Assistant Professor
152 Dr. K. Aravind Kumar Assistant Professor
153 Dr. Rajadurai. S Assistant Professor
154 Dr. Durai Raj Senior Resident
155 Dr. P. Kathiravan Senior Resident
Department of Oto-rhino-laryngology (ENT)
156 Dr. M.K. Sidhdhartharaj Professor
157 Dr. B. Sundararajan Professor
158 Dr. Madhana Gopal Professor
159 Dr.Sheetal Assistant Professsor
160 Dr. S. Mohana Karthikeyan Assistant Professor
161 Dr. M. Ajaiy Senior Resident
162 Dr. Anu Jacob Senior Resident
Department of Ophthalmology
163 Dr. G. S. Srinivasan Professor
164 Dr. Gnaneeswaran Professor 
165 Dr. K. Murugan Assistant Professor
166 Dr. G. Susaritha Assistant Professor
167 Dr. P. Subashree Senior Professor
Department of Dermatology, Venerology & Leprosy (DVL)
168 Dr. R. Bhaskaran Professor
169 Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi Asso. Professor
170 Dr. S. Jyothilakshmi Assistant Professor
171 Dr. A. Sudarvizhi Senior  Resident
Department of Radiology
172 Dr. A. Venkateshwaran Professor
173 Dr. Shaikh Farid Associate Professor
174 Dr. R. Sundara Raja Perumal Associate Professor
175 Dr. Sidhu Ganesh Assistant Professor
176 Dr Kumara Sampath Assistant professor
177 Dr Vivek K Assistant Professor
178 Dr. R. KarthiekYennabathina Senior  Resident
179 Dr. RuthiraEashanth Senior  Resident
180 Dr. P. NizarulHaq Senior  Resident
181 Dr. Prabhu Senior  Resident
Department of Pulmonary Medicine
182 Dr. Chitra Kumar Professor
183 Dr. R. Rajalakshmi Assistant Professor
184 Dr. K. Murugesan Senior  Resident
185 Dr. Siva Ashish Senior  Resident
Department of Psychiatry
186 Dr. V. Sethumadhavan Professor
187 Dr. T. Siva Elango Associate Proffessor
188 Dr. S. Arumuganathan Assistant Professor
189 Dr. S. Sumithra Devi Assistant Professor
190 Dr. Usaid Senior  Resident
Medical Record Science
191 Mr M Senthil Kumar Lecturer
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