Institutional Distinctiveness

The Institution is situated in rural area so students are directly exposed to the needs of the rural community. Activities are conducted in the form of field visit by Community Medicine department. To fulfil roles of Indian Medical Graduate, holistic approach is imparted to develop the student’s skills and impart quality education by use of innovative methods. The Institution focuses on imparting vertical and horizontal integration thereby preventing too much of compartmentalization of disciplines. To develop sound mind and healthy body which is the canvas for transforming individuals into a professional with empathy and positive attitude, training programs in the form of yoga, stress and time management has been organized.

The Institution also gives importance to physical education in the form of grooming and encouraging potential talents in the students in participating various state and national forums.

Institution has taken initiatives like no smoking campus, restriction of automobile entries in the campus, use of battery-operated vehicle for patient transport within the campus, use of bicycles as a part of green initiatives and promotion of tree plantation to promote environment sustainability measures.

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