We believe that activities of department of medical surgical nursing will facilitate the development of professionally competent nurses to accomplish excellence in nursing practice, education, administration and research, to augment quality in medical surgical nursing practice.

The mission of department of medical surgical nursing is to employ innovation and research in nursing education and clinical practice to accomplish informed practice in medical surgical nursing.

We the faculty of development of medical surgical nursing believes that,

Graduate programme is essential to prepare nurses to improve the quality of nursing education and practice across globe on per with changing needs of the society.

Post graduate programme prepare nurses for leadership position in nursing and health fields who can function as nurse specialist, consultants, educators, administrators and researchers in a wide variety of professional setting in meeting the priorities and changing needs of the society.

The faculty of department of medical surgical nursing will prepare the students.

  1. To keep abreast with changing trends in the field of medical surgical nursing.
  2. To promote hands on skill in nursing procedures in medical surgical nursing areas.
  3. To demonstrate leadership qualities and function effectively an nurse educator and manager.
  4. To Establish collaborative care that includes the promotion, maintenance and restoration of individual and family health.
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