Infection Control Policy


                   Karpaga Vinayaga Hospital is having an Infection Control Committee (ICC) responsible for the control of Health Associated Infection (HAI). The committee is chaired by medical superintendent and a microbiologist as infection control officer and heads of all clinical department, blood bank, medical record officer, chief of nursing services and infection control sister as members. Chief of all supportive services (O.T, dietetics, laundry, housekeeping, etc,) are included as invited members.

                  ICC meet once every month to formulate and update policy on matters related to hospital infection and to manage outbreaks of health associated infection. The committee reviews infection control activities of the hospital , emergence of drug resistance, use of different antimicrobial agents, sterilization and disinfection procedures, hospital environment , incidence and types of infections and antimicrobial sensitivity patterns of prevalent pathogens.

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